Zauchensee Sunday pow

Zauchensee Sunday pow

It sucks hearing what an amazing day someone else had skiing/snowboarding. Always pisses me off actually, thinking of what I missed. So I wont bore you with the details of how deep the pow was, or how huge Johans backflip and cork 3 were, or how brilliant it was in the trees and how many sick drops and pillow lines we charged. But in case you wanted to see, I took some photos with my iPhone.






  1. Poul B 10 years ago

    Aargh f*********k you guys I just went there this week and nothing but shitty snow and weather!!!

    …ok I feel better now. Gonna have to do the 2500km round trip again this winter. Thanks (I guess) for the awesome pics :)

    • ptsp 10 years ago

      Haha, sorry man, I didn’t ski for a couple of weeks because it was so bad. Actually had no idea it would be so good yesterday. Very few places that good though when it does snow a lot !

  2. zjdsn 10 years ago

    OMG, is there an app for those skills???

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago


  3. Patrick 10 years ago

    OMG – THAT, Sir, looks amazing!! Who are those guys you go skiing with? Skilled chaps.

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      Kiska guys!

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