We received an email from Ben Nicholson of RIVERSIDE MOTOSPORTS in Canada with some photos of their Yeti MX kit which converts your dirtbike into a snow bike. He said they are amazing in the back country and offer them a great way to get though the long winter months. Like them, if you live somewhere where you have a lot of terrain to ride enduro on in the summer and in the winter those trails are under snow, these things must be perfect!


“When you were young, someone of influence should have taught you to “Do the job right or don’t do it at all.” We have committed our team at C3 Powersports,to that rule, and fuel it with our passion.

C3 Powersports has designed, built, and tested a lot of versions of the YETI in the past 29 months. We took everything to the limit with multiple riders from many disciplines, age groups, and bikes. What the 55 year old guys with big bore KTM500’s to 610 with turbo’s could not break, the 20 year old cross country or MX riders on 450’s could break in a day’s ride. Over and over we went out with multiple bikes until we got it right. Most of the YETI parts have been designed, built and tested many times, some of our key parts are on their 15th revision. The YETI team kept going until nothing broke, then we did not stop there because it was good enough, we continued on and on. We have over built the YETI in every area and this passion to build the best product possible has pushed us relentlessly.

Please contact Ben Nicholson @ Riverside Motosports 1 780-458-7272 for more information”

You can also give them a follow on FACEBOOK HERE.

15 Inglewood Drive, Bay # 1
St. Albert, Alberta, T8N-5E2
Phone: 780-458-7272
Fax: 780-460-7680


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