Yamaha DT-07 Concept

Yamaha DT-07 Concept

This things cool!

Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept Specs:
Frame: Custom JPD/Yamaha Racing
Swingarm: Adjustable Pivot and Link Systems
Body: JPD Custom one-piece design
Seat: Saddlemen
Airbox: Custom Tuned w/ K&N Filters
Triple Clamp: Adjustable Kit by Durelle Racing Products
Fork: R6 conventional w/Durelle Fork Kit and Mods
Shock: Ohlins TTX 36/ YA274
Wheels: Propulsion Labs
Sprockets/Handlebars: Vortex
Chain: D.I.D.
Brake Rotor: SK Racing
Tires: Dunlop
Engine: Race-Tuned FZ-07
Ported Cylinder Head: Yamaha Racing
Intake Stacks: Yamaha Racing
Exhaust: Graves Motorsports
Programmable ECU: Yamaha Racing Wire Harness/Customizable by ZENTEC

DT-07 Concept


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