XR69 Design-Build by GHOST WORKS

XR69 Design-Build by GHOST WORKS

Portland, OR — GHOST WORKS is an industrial design consultancy that specializes in athletic footwear design, however, they’ve been busy designing something outside their typical wheelhouse. As testament to their transitive, passion driven creative process, they are proud to release a new short film documenting the complete design-build and competitive race of an XR69 tribute motorcycle — proof that their personal passions carry over to fuel and inform their daily designs.

WATCH ONLINE: https://vimeo.com/162717006

A team of relentless builders, tinkerers, testers and tuners, GHOST WORKS’ work is ever influenced by the way they choose to play. They systematically test the products they create, for the purpose of evaluation and implementation of crucial improvements in the next generations — never settling and always striving for better.

“Our team at GHOST WORKS is passion driven,” says Eirik Lund Nielsen, Founder and Creative Director of the Portland design firm. “Not only do we design the products, but we use them too. It’s not enough for our products just to function, they have to function well.”

And that’s just what they’ve captured in this cinematic piece. Since racing The Phillip Island Classic in 2015, Nielsen and the team have had their sights on crafting a fast machine from scratch and racing it at the same international race in 2016. Though it wasn’t familiar footwear, after completing a comparable creative process of analysis and refinement, the superbike finally took to the track in Melbourne, Australia.

Yes, after a full year, the bike is done and the race is finished — but the story remains to be told. In this new short film, audiences will witness how GHOST WORKS exemplifies their creative process and although it results in a high-octane rocketship on wheels, it poignantly illustrates how design is universal, as long as it is thoughtfully approached and passion driven.



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