X-Bowl Arena Stegenwald – Winter is here

X-Bowl Arena Stegenwald – Winter is here

After having thought the season was done for this year, I managed to get in a few sneaky hours at X-Bowl motocross arena today! Stoked! Snow is on the peaks, the light was bad and it was close to freezing but the 350 SX-F was running absolutely brilliantly. Perhaps due to the cold air I guess but I was absolutely loving the way the engine was putting out the power. Felt so crisp. Powerful but smooth. Without a doubt the 350 Engine is one of the best offroad motors ever made. Absolute work of art.

My buddy Zajcmaster came down and was kind enough to take some photos of me cruising around. Been a  bit sick for a couple of weeks now so I was taking it really easy, but I was relaxed and the track was flowing so well. Pretty sure this was the last ride of the year, but it was a good one to end on.

X-Bowl is a few miles down the road from where they made the epic movie with Clint Eastward called, “Where Eagles dare.”



Just playing.



Happy to have taken my ass whips to the next level this year.


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