X-Bowl Arena, Springtime Enduro ride

X-Bowl Arena, Springtime Enduro ride

Had a really good ride at X-Bowl arena a few days ago with some friends. We spent most of the the time on the Enduro trials and obstacles, which I still have a lot to learn on. Managed to clear some stuff I never did before, but I also managed to stall on a path which was too steep to touch the ground on, so I fell off the side of the bike as I reached down and found nothing under my foot and rolled a few times down the hill!


When I finally stopped I saw the bike just hovering above me upside down before it also rolled down the hill over the top of me, ending upside down below me. There was me thinking enduro was somehow safer than hitting big jumps. haha. Anyway, I got off quite lightly considering, just a few cuts and bruises. Still really loving riding enduro, it’s really challenging, frustrating and rewarding at the same time! Photos of Zacher on his KTM 250 EXC, myself on the Husqvarna FE350 and my boy on his Oset 12.




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