X-Bowl Arena KTM 350 SX-F + Husqvarna FC250

X-Bowl Arena KTM 350 SX-F + Husqvarna FC250

It’s been almost six weeks since I last rode but I managed to get out today and the conditions were just perfect at X-Bowl Arena! They have put so much new sand down that the track is kind of like skiing powder! Love it. Big up to Moe for just making the track better and better all the time.

I was laying down quite a lot of laps and rode for 1hr 30 mins over 3 sessions before losing 4 spokes on my back wheel which basically put an end to my day on the 350. Guess I should have checked my spokes before riding. Dam! In the past i could never ride that long before stopping, but after a summer of riding loads of KM’s on a mountain bike my fitness has improved massively. Cross training with a bicycle works.


Anyway, at that point Zacher showed up having finally dragged himself out of bed with a new 2015 Husqvarna FC250 from Husqvarna, Salzburg. He was kind enough to let me spin some laps on it and I was really loving it. So easy to ride and I would be surprised if it wasn’t actually faster at X-Bowl arena than my 350SX-F due to the short straights and tight turns. Will have to put it to the test at some point! Anyway, great bike, revs to the moon, pulls great, turns well, is nice and stable and the suspension actually felt better than on my 350 too, although this might be down to my mate Yann messing with my suspension so much at Dirtpark! Obviously it looks wicked too :)


Ice Speedway Star Franky Zorn was also there doing some cross training before the winter season starts.

Man, with 2 kids, any day I get to ride Moto nowadays is a blessing, and the bikes and track were just brilliant today. Mega stoked! I got a few decent shots of Zacher ripping on the FC 250. He was digging it too.







  1. r-0 8 years ago

    a few more posts like this and I’m booking another flight over!

    • Author
      admin 8 years ago

      do it mang

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