X-Bowl Arena Autumn and Hangar 7

X-Bowl Arena Autumn and Hangar 7

Just a few photos from the weekend. We went along to the Red bull hangar 7 which is just around the corner from my house and is always cool to cruise through. Especially when there are some bikes I worked on. looking at Herlings race bike from last year, I want to just put more chrome highlights on everything again now. Haha. Bling.

On Sunday Jason Moriarty and I hit up X-Bowl Arena and rode for a few hours. Track was fun but really tough. Proper motocross. I was actually not having much fun to start with, had a small crash and a couple of big near misses.

Stopped, pulled myself together and went back out and started getting a bit looser and having fun again. It was still tricky to get in any kind of rhythm though. Anyway, few photos from riding from René Schmitt and a few from myself.




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