Woodward West Mix

Woodward West Mix

How good was BMX in the Olympics today??! Most exciting event so far I reckon! Anyway, in the spirit of Olympic BMX, here is another RAD BMX video.

The Mongoose Jam happened to be at Woodward the same time I was there for SE Bikes week, so I put together a mix of footage from the contest and some extra shots I collected throughout the week. Riders in order of appearance: Kris Fox, Big Daddy, Andy Sweet, Cam White, Ben Wallace, Tj Ellis, Mike Payne, Steve Mccan, Hucker, Gary Young, Kevin Peraza, Greg Illingworth, Andy Buckworth, Kyle Baldock, Jack Fahey, Todd Meyn, Broc Raiford, Jeremiah Smith, Brian Kachinsky, Steve Churchill.
Film/Edit @dylanpfohl


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