Volta Motorbikes

Volta Motorbikes

I received a nice email from a chap named Marc at Volta motorbikes with some photos of their latest bike which was also launched at EICMA:

I’m the general manager of Volta Motorbikes and I’m a follower of your blog since long time( I really like it) because we share same hobbies: motorbikes, bikes, surf and snow and design. Even more congratulation for your great job in KTM: the last superduke R it’s incredible.

I’m glad to attach you some pictures from our bike that maybe you will like. I have to tell you that in comparison to your KTM Superduke, our electric motorbike is night and day, but it shares the same philosophy: fun!!! Even more we really think that we can get fun also with electric motorbikes.


VOLTA TEST IN TRACK from VOLTA Motorbikes on Vimeo.


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