VMX Japan 2015

VMX Japan 2015

Guest post from my old buddy Martin Petersson who lives out in Tokyo! Konnichiwa!

“So, the VMX races is a pretty fun event that runs at a small mx-track just outside Tokyo, they run it 3 times a year I think, with a whole bunch of different classes depending on bike era/displacement, the most fun focused one is the 1h endurance race (all the pictures are from that race). The bikes are limited to 90 (or maybe 100…?)cc and you can be as many people as you like taking turns at riding. The team with the most completed laps in the end is the winners! I have no idea were we finished and it totally doesn’t matter, everyone had a blast and I even managed to get myself a bit of arm pump!! Damn, getting old it seems…

Photos by Daria Podsiadlo”



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