German teenager and Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ken Roczen had another great weekend in Rd. 3 of the SX Lites West on Saturday night in the competition’s second visit to Anaheim when he again finished second overall in the 250SX class at Angel Stadium. Roczen is currently second overall in the points.

Roczen was second out of the gate in the start of the second 250SX heat and a couple of corners into the lap had taken over the lead. He went on to lead all six laps of the heat to claim his third consecutive heat race win of the season.

The young German also got away well in the main event and was second at the first corner. He hung on to the wheel of leader Cole Seely for the first half of the race but in lap nine made a mistake and allowed Eli Tomac to overtake. Two laps later, Roczen was able to reel in Cole Seely to regain his second position then maintained his pace to carry it right through to the finish.

Roczen said after the race that he was happy to finish second considering he had crashed hard in practice early in the day. “I am a bit banged up but I feel better knowing that I am riding stronger each week. I was able to get another podium finish and my third heat win. I hope to continue to make progress over the next week to work toward a win.”

Rough weekend for Dungey
Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey had a rough weekend and a crash in his 450 heat compounded his problems in the main event.

Dungey raced in the first of the 450SX heats but he had a poor start and was sitting mid-pack around the first lap. He quickly advanced toward the top five and was battling for fifth when he crashed with Jake Weimer at the halfway point. Dungey scrambled back into eleventh place and moved up two positions and take the final transfer spot to the main event.

The KTM rider’s problems on the start continued in the 450SX main event. He was buried in midfield when the bikes left the gates but had advanced to tenth place in the second lap. He continued to push and had moved up the order to seventh by lap six before slipping past Andrew Short into sixth place with five laps to go. He then began to reel in fifth place rider Jake Weimer but ran out of time and had to settle for sixth.

Dungey said he had put in his best efforts but an outside gate pick had made it difficult to get into the top rider mix at the start of the main. “I am bummed about not finishing on the podium, but I will do everything I can this next week to change the results for the positive in Oakland.”

Next Event: Oakland, CA – January 26, 2013

Overall 250SX Class Results:
1, Eli Tomac
2, Ken Roczen – KTM
3, Cole Seely
4, Zach Osborne
5, Jake Canada
6, Christian Craig
7, Jason Anderson
8, Tyla Rattray
9, Kyle Cunningham
Other KTM
11, Malcolm Stewart – KTM
20, Joey Savatgy – KTM

Overall Point Standings 250SX Class:
1, Eli Tomac – 75
2, Ken Roczen – 66
3, Cole Seely – 58

Overall Results 450SX Class –
1, Ryan Villopoto
2, Trey Canard
3, Chad Reed
4, Davi Millsaps
5, Jake Weimer
6, Ryan Dungey – KTM
7, Andrew Short
8, Justin Brayton
9, Matt Goerke – KTM
10, Josh Grant
Overall 450SX Class Point Standings –
1, Davi Millsaps – 63
2, Trey Canard – 60
3, Chad Reed – 56
4, Ryan Villopoto – 52
5, Ryan Dungey – 48

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  1. Skully 10 years ago

    Might be comparing apples with oranges here but for Dungey, it’s definately not going to be like the nationals last year where he could miss a start and work his way back to the front without making it seem too hard. I’m glad KTM clinched the nationals championship last year, but I couldn’t help shake the feeling it all came about a little easier with a lot of the main contenders out of action like Villopoto, Stewart and Reed.

    So far my expectations for Dungey in this year’s SX (and MX as well going on the idea that it won’t be like last year where nearly all of the top guys were out of commision for the season) seem to be adding up. You know he’s gonne be there on or near the top, but with so many good riders in the class and only a short window to do the work now something like a bad start or a small crash means you won’t get back to the top spot without some kind of divine intervention so it seems.

    Let’s hope he can put things together in the next races because I really want to see him win. And if not, I’m rooting for Millsaps or Canard.

    • ptsp 10 years ago

      Well said, couldn’t agree more!

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