Unno Bikes – First test ride from @DIRT mag

Unno Bikes – First test ride from @DIRT mag

Our friends at UNNO are starting to let a few journalists have a ride on their gorgeous prototype Carbon fiber bikes. Knowing how well UNNO’s founder Cesar Rojo rides, (he won a World Masters downhill title) and his background as an engineer for both Motorycles and bicycles, you can be sure the bikes will ride as great as they look. They won’t be cheap, but then top quality never comes cheap.

To be honest, we haven’t had a lot of interest in riding anything but eBikes the last couple of years, they just seem to offer a far more favorable pleasure/pain ratio than non-motorised bicycles, especially in the big mountains, but these bikes by UNNO just have fun written all over them!

Check out the review from Dirt here:




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