Uddevalla GP pit walk – Johan Hedvall

Uddevalla GP pit walk – Johan Hedvall

Our man in Sweden Johan Hedvall was at the MXGP of Uddevalla last weekend, snooping around the pits as quietly as only a drunken 6 foot viking looking dude can snoop, grabbing spy shots of all the trick factory bikes, along with some nuggets of info, which may, or may not be true.

‘Herlings is such a bad ass, he came in from practise got off the bike and said, “one mistake will end my season”‘

‘Paulins bike is the most expensive in the pits. everything is custom, even the frame’

‘Febvre or at lesat one of the yamas had a shortened swing arm’

‘New crf coming next year with electric start’

‘all the Yamahas had electric starts’



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