Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Combo – Photos and a few words (Piers)

Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Combo – Photos and a few words (Piers)

Almost all of the Motocross gear on the market is pretty well dialed in nowadays. You cant really go too far wrong no matter what you chose, especially when you go for some high end gear. It really comes down to which gear fits your particular body shape the best as well as your taste in colors and graphics or which pro rider you want to look like. Or don’t. The Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Combo ticks all the right boxes. It is really well vented, fits well, looks good and has some really nice detailing too. In comparison to the One Industries gear I felt like I was getting more air flowing onto my arms especially. The fit was a little better for me too. Not as baggy around the knees and it has really large leather panels which give you a great surface area for gripping. The arms were also looser so they didn’t get tight when I got arm pump. Style wise, the gear looks kind of retro and i definitely preferred the One industries gear, but it still looks pretty good. Simple and bold and it comes in a range of colors.

The gear has some nice little details like sown on patches.

TPR’s were nice and simple but not as good as the vented FOX Logo TPR’s.

No adjustment on the front, and even though the pants stayed shut I far preferred the one Industries adjuster.

Velcro side cinch strap system is a nice touch and allows a big range of fit, but it bunched up a bit and wasn’t quite as comfortable. The rivets in Key areas reinforce the feeling of quality and should help it to hold together a long time.

Thin foam in the elbows wouldnt do much really if you fell, but I didn’t mind it as I don’t wear elbow pads.

huge stretch area at the groin was great and allowed a huge range of movement.

Overall the gear is top quality, top fit and looks good. No complaints really.

Dont really have any decent riding shots in this gear for now as nobody wanted to deal with taking any photos by this point, hopefully will get some next time.


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