TM Racing Supermoto’s (& Rally) @EICMA 2013

TM Racing Supermoto’s (& Rally) @EICMA 2013






Mauno Hermunen’s 2013 Supermoto Championship winning TM. Thomas Chareyre’s Italian championship winning TM!






Digging this 300cc 2 stroke Supermoto they made.



  1. hashtag 9 years ago

    Does someone know what are those big 2 stroke engines in the back of first picture?

    • Maniek #13 9 years ago

      GoCart engines

  2. Skully 9 years ago

    Can I nitpick? :P

    That’s Thomas Chareyre’s TM, who won the Italian championship this year hence the #1 plate on the front. His initials TC are also mentioned on the front plate.

    • ptsp 9 years ago

      Oops, thanks mate!

  3. Francesco Vitale 9 years ago


  4. cool..

  5. Rixi Lay 9 years ago

    woww nice coul

  6. jcar9_sm 8 years ago

    Hey guys I looooooooove your work!
    I can stare at that 501 black/white bike all day and night. Which is what I’ve litterally done. I’ve been talking to the Husky dealer over there if I can buy the bike but the logisitics of getting it to the US are mindblowing.

    Anyway is there a way to by the graphics/decals from you guys?
    Also I’m looking at getting the 2016 street legal TM Racing Sumo in the States as well. I don’t like the cartoonish looking stuff they have on their bikes. Have you guys ever created a custom graphics set up for them? Is there anything you can post or show me? Is there any chance you can create a set up for me? Thanks!!!!!!

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