Threepence | British Customs | “The Mutant” from Adam Bove

Threepence | British Customs | “The Mutant” from Adam Bove

Set primarily in Wes Case’s workshop, aka Threepence HQ, the idea was to test out the RED Dragon cranked with a setting of 2000 ISO and a mix of higher framerates. We found the narrative in an old interview with Steve McQueen by Kazuko Komori and since Wes was building “The Mutant” British Customs bike to race in Dirt Quake USA 2015, we figured it was a great fit.

Directed and Shot :: Adam Bove & Shaun Boyte
Camera :: R3D Dragon
Edit :: Adam Bove
Interview Audio :: Steve McQueen interviewed by Kazuko Komori
Music :: The Soldier Story – “Oh God, What We’ve Become”
Music Licensing :: The Music Bed



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