The Runaways: Not Another Race Documentary – Original Trailer

The Runaways: Not Another Race Documentary – Original Trailer

“Not Another Race Documentary”

Dalton and Drew set out April 6, 2013 on The Runaways: A 10,000 mile road trip to everywhere for all the reasons you started riding your dirtbike – because it’s fun as hell.

The Runaways is not a racing documentary. Instead, it’s a look beyond the schedules and the politics and the BS , deep into the roots of motocross. The pair will depart Southern California on a cross country tour to discover why motocross is the most amazing sport on earth.

Faced with the option of racing the outdoor nationals as a privateer with no support, Dalton instead chooses to “get out of dodge” and spend the summer learning from the sport’s best, most hidden and most epic riders, tracks and facilities in the country.

“You can’t go fast if your not having fun”…

Music: Bent Left: Professora Emeritosa


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