The DMR Death Grip – First look

The DMR Death Grip – First look

Anybody who knows us knows we are kind of obsessive about the grips on our bikes.

They are one of the primary contact points to your bike, and can really make or break how it feels and how well you can handle the bike. We ran Renthal grips forever on our Dirtbikes, until the latest version of Odi Lock on grips came out, which offer a similar feel with way easier mounting, and come as stock on all new KTM’s. Since then we just ran Odi.

For our mountain bikes, we also ran and still run Renthals on some of our bikes, with other favourites being the ODI ruffian and the Sam Hill Nukeproof grips. We have met Brendan Fairclough AKA ‘Brendog’ a few times over the years and have always been a fan of his style on the bike, so when we read this excellent insight into the long Design and development process of the DMR Death Grip which was done together with DMR’s designer Olly Willkins we couldn’t wait to get our hands on some. Being the kind gent he is, Brendan had some sent over which we promptly put on some of our bikes to test out! The grips come in thick and thin widths, and soft and hard compounds as well as a bunch of fruity colorways. They grips have quite a rough feel without gloves on, but since we always wear gloves riding anyway this doesn’t matter. With gloves on, the grip in phenomenal.

So far our favourites are the thin, soft compound model.

They grips are fastened only at the inside end, but they take some quite serious twisting to get on in the first place, so the one fastener is more than enough.
The DMR Death Grip is the second collaboration between DMR bikes and Brendog. They started with an internally tapered single-lock core grip and wrapped Brendan’s design around it in super-soft Kraton compound.

‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the Death Grip is what we ended up with!’ Brendan Fairclough

• NEW colours added to the DMR Brendog Death Grip range for 2017

• Tapered Core | No need for outer lock ring

• Waffle and Knurl for grip

• Mushroom for comfort

• Available in Thin (ø29.8) or Thick (ø31.3)

• Available in Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk) for your preference in feel and durability

You can find out more on the DMR Death Grip on their website here:


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