The Boxer Chair by Lorenzo Buratti

The Boxer Chair by Lorenzo Buratti

In a world of mass production, Lorenzo Buratti stands out by making handcrafted, unique furniture. Because he loves bikes they always seem to have a special moto twist to them too. Such a cool chair. I asked him about this piece and he was kind enough to send me some photos and info on his creation.

“The Boxer Chair is all about air cooling, all about vintage bike feelings.
All the wood sections are intended to keep the air flowing in it like the BMW boxer heads are made for.
It took me some months of work for this design, i found a BMW complete engine from a friend of mine so i bought it just with some idea, just some unfocused imagine. After the heads are dismantled from the engine they stay in my pavement  something like 5 months or so to have everything clear in my mind.
Also to cut off the eleven woods elements take a lot of time, every piece is similar to the other but not exactly the same, usually i don’t design or scratch nothing in my creations, it’s all about me, an electric hand saw and a wood panel, this kind of wood is also very very hard to cut by hands because of the resin witch is between plies, it’s a kind of wood that will last forever but also very hard & heavy.

The panels are spaced by cnc machined aluminun spacers, normally i don’t use machined parts in my designs, i prefer to have everything created by hands, but this time something in my mind tell me that i need some modern stuff in between handcrafted woods.
The donor engine is an old BMW r45 unit.”

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