The BikeShed Event

The BikeShed Event

From Tim van Someren.


Really nice video, but contrary to the dude speaking in the video, not all the bike shows are boring, especially the ones in Milan. Some of it is more commercial yes, but to call it rubbish is extremely short sighted. EVERY new bike model on the planet is introduced at these “boring” bike shows, such as the Panigale, or Superduke, or new state of the art MotoGP or Motocross bikes. They may not be your cup of tea, but they are at the forefront of motorcycle inovation so to call them boring is ridiculous.

All the bikes in this video were initially presented by “the manufacturers marketing machine” at big shows anyway, without which none of these bikes would even exist.

The bike shed event looks great, but it’s only one small part of the massive sport / transportation / culture / industry that is motorcycling.

The markets already exist within which people are being marketed too and all the marketing does is let people know there are some new products out or let them know what new features the bikes have like new forks or ABS or whatever. People not only wait for but actually demand new features and information and it is often revealed for the first time at the big shows. These new features are usually (or always in the case of KTM) developed by people who ride, for people who ride, to make the bikes safer, or faster, or more comfortable, or fun, or more affordable, depending on the market.

Again, it’s a nice video with nice bikes, but the comment at the start of it is a little pretentious in my opinion.


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