The Bella Coola GNAR segment from Sherpas Cinema’s Into the Mind

The Bella Coola GNAR segment from Sherpas Cinema’s Into the Mind

Epic segment from an epic movie, now offered for free!

From the Sherpas’ website: “In honour of Callum Pettit’s recognition for Best Line and the Full Throttle Award at the Powder Video Awards last week – we are presenting the fresh release of Into the Mind’s Bella Coola segment starring Kye Peterson, JP Auclair and the award winning “Lodgeman” himself.

Exclusively filmed in the expansive heli-ski tenure belonging to Bella Coola Heli Sports in the stunning Coast Mountains near Bella Coola, BC, the veteran crew threw down collectively to provide some of the most mind-bending big mountain ski footage ever seen. High speed lines, steep spines, huge airs and indescribable scenery matched with the intensity of the local first nations performance of traditional dance made for one of the most high impact segments of the film and a crowd favourite.

After the crowd cleared at the Powder Video Awards we were able to check in with Callum to find out his favourite thing about shooting in Bella Coola- “So many legends have skied there in the past and seeing all the lines they shredded is amazing. It is a historic place in big mountain skiing.” The crew in Bella Coola was inspired by the terrain around them and pushed each other- resulting in an epic segment for Into the Mind. Callum is grateful for the experience of skiing in Bella Coola and being based out of Tweedsmuir Park Lodge while filming for Into the Mind “I would like to thanks the whole Sherpa gang for giving me the opportunity to come on all the fun trips. Especially ones that had lodges. Thank you to the lodge staff as well.”

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Presented by The North Face
Created by Sherpas Cinema –
Cinematography: Dave Mossop
Location: Bella Coola Heli Sports (
Segment Directors: Dave Mossop & Eric Crosland
Producer: Malcolm Sangster
Production Manager: Momme Halbe
Sound Design: Fred Paragano
Athletes: Kye Petersen, Callum Pettit and JP Auclair
Music: A Tribe Called Red – “Electric Pow Wow” (Jacob Yoffee Remix)

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