Tale Of The 2 Stroke 2.0 presented by Boyesen / Scotty Clark & Tyler Wozney (MXPTV)

Tale Of The 2 Stroke 2.0 presented by Boyesen / Scotty Clark & Tyler Wozney (MXPTV)

For sure modern 4 strokes are a lot easier to ride, but man, 2 strokes are fun!

MXPTV and Boyesen are bringing back the 2 stroke tales with Tale Of The 2 Stroke 2.0 featuring Scotty Clark and Tyler Wozney. For the 2.0 version, MXPTV sent its crew to the scenic sand track of Speed Citi Motorsports Park in Seaford, Delaware to capture these very talented riders on their 2 stroke steeds. Maryland hotshoe Scotty Clark, who has always been a rider living on the edge and on a shoestring budget, brings out his wide open and wild scrubbing style aboard his own custom 2003 Kawasaki KX125 and making it sing all around the track. After countless requests from viewers on our first video, Tyler Wozney is back for version 2.0 with more than enough 2 stroke power and an even older bike! Wozney takes out a borrowed 1995 Honda CR500 for a sand spray session that will send chills down your spine and in awe of what an 18 year old bike is still capable of doing on today’s tracks.

The Tale Of The 2 Stroke is all about the feeling and fun of riding 2 stroke dirt bikes and in this video, both riders talk about that feeling and riding at the revamped Speed Citi track. The 2 strokes may sound amazing but the grassroot stories of riding these bikes in a 4 stroke world is always inspiring to every person that has thrown their leg over a dirt bike.

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