SuperEnduro Carnage from Mexico – FIM World Championship

SuperEnduro Carnage from Mexico – FIM World Championship


Blazusiak also led in another all-KTM podium with KTM USA’s Cody Webb and Red Bull KTM’s Jonny Walker picking up the minor podium places.

Taddy Blazusiak: “It feels great to have got my four straight wins in the championship. Everything feels like it’s going better than ever. I knew coming into Mexico that the racing was going to be tight and competitive. But I also knew that if I could just be consistent and put in decent lap times then I could get the top step of the podium. I had some fun battles – especially in the final race with Cody – so it’s been a great result to win here.”

Webb was also in form in front of the Mexican crowd wrapping up his night with a 3-1-2 result in the individual races for his second overall.

Right from the start of the event it was the three KTM riders Blazusiak, Webb and Walker who were the fastest in the practice and time practices. It was also a very tight contest for the Super Pole with the three all within one second of each other.

Then in the opening race Taddy took the holeshot only to have Walker pass him on the first obstacle. Then Walker went down on the second and had to work his way back from fifth. Taddy went on to take the win but Walker moved up to second place by the drop of the flag.

Photos by Enduro21.

Taddy had a mid field start in the second race where riders start in reverse order. He had a very good line over the firewood and rocks and went into battle with David Knight in the lead. Then when Knight pushed Taddy wide, Webb slipped by to take the second race win while Walker came from behind to seal third place. Blazusiak finished third and was the only rider doubling over the water and this was a huge time saving for him.

With the overall at stake the final race was also a cliff-hanger between the KTM riders and it was Blazusiak who again took the prize with Webb in second and Walker finishing in fourth place.


KTM Team Manager Antti Kallonin said Blazusiak, Webb and Walker had been the outstanding riders in Mexico. “Taddy was fastest over the water obstacle, Cody was fastest on the rocks and Jonny was both fast and steady all night. KTM USA’s support rider Ty Tremain won all three of the Junior races and was very impressive on the rocks,” he said, adding that riders also have to contend with the higher altitude in Mexico and the European riders with jet lag.”

Taddy leaves Guadalajara with 227 championship points, a lead of 46 over KTM UK’s rider David Knight, with Jonny Walker in third, now closing in on Knight with 178 points. Walker’s performance with a 2-2-4 result in the Mexican races was impressive, given that he has just come off a win the Hell’s Gate Extreme Enduro last weekend in Italy. He said the event, where there were only three finishers, was his career toughest race.

FIM SuperEnduro Rd. 4

At Gualadajara, Mexico

Overall Results

1, Taddy Blazusiak POL, KTM 58 points
2, Cody Webb, USA KTM 53
3, Jonny Walker, GBR, KTM 49
4, Alfredo Gomez, ESP, Husqvarna 38
5, David Knight, GBR, KTM 38
6, Paul Bolton, GBR, KTM, 30
7, Kyle Redmond, USA, Beta 29
8, Dani Gibert, ESP, Gas Gas 24
9, Daniel McCanny, GBR, Husqvarna 20
10, Mario Roman, ESP, KTM 20


1, Blazusiak, KTM
2, Walker KTM
3, Webb, KTM
4, Gomez, Husqvarna
5, Knight, KTM


Race One

1, Blazusiak, KTM
2, Walker, KTM
3, Webb, KTM
4, Knight KTM
5, Bolton

Race Two

1, Webb, KTM
2, Walker, KTM
3, Blazusiak, KTM
4, Gomez, Husqvarna
5, Knight, KTM

Race Three

1, Blazusiak, KTM
2. Webb, KTM
3, Gomez, Husqvarna
4, Walker, KTM
5, Kyle Redmond, USA, KTM

Championship points after Round Four

1, Blazusiak, KTM, 227
2, Knight, KTM, 181
3, Walker, KTM, 178
4, Webb, KTM, 174
5, Gomez, Husqvarna, 140
6, Bolton 98
7, Roman, 92
8, Robert, 92

Junior Overall

1, Ty Tremain, USA, KTM, 60
2, Gethlin Humphries, 51
3, Andreas Linusson, SWE, KTM 45

Junior Points after Mexico

1, Tremaine, 225
2, Linusson 221
3, Manuel Lettenbichler, GER, KTM, 122 (did not compete in Mexico)
4, Humphries 102

Next Round in Brazil, February 28
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