KTM Superduke Protoype – KISKA design. 5D Test.

KTM Superduke Protoype – KISKA design. 5D Test.

It has taken a long time, but I finally have my first professional camera, a Canon 5D MKIII! First tests show it to be an even bigger step-up than I had imagined from the Canon 6D I had been using previously. Anyway, I guess you are not here to hear about my camera’s but rather what is in front of them, so for some first tests I shot some of the already released KISKA designed prototypes which are in the Studio.





  1. Mohammed Sharook 8 years ago

    Woah <3

  2. Jamie Naioti 8 years ago


  3. Keerthan Muthyala 8 years ago

    These HD pics are a feast for your eyes!

  4. Gerardo Ro 8 years ago

    it would be awsome if you shown a video with the exhaust sound

  5. Nachiket Kachave 8 years ago


  6. Jake Puttick 8 years ago

    bike porn…

  7. Aditya Sharma 8 years ago

    When is this thing hitting the market??…..

  8. J@Y 8 years ago

    hey bro. mint camera. i have one, and the only one i like more is my mamiya 6. i think you subject sorted for the rest of your life tho! get the 24/1.4 BOSS!!!

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