Stegenwald Sunday

Stegenwald Sunday

Been managing to fit in a surprising amount of seat time recently. I think I have ridden close to once a week this summer, which after an 8 year gap has been really liberating. Cobwebs are almost completely dusted off and it’s becoming more and more fun as I get some fitness and strength back. Having said that I’m aching like hell after yesterday, but it’s quite a nice ache. Zacher and I hit up Stegnwald for Sunday afternoon and found a perfectly prepped track and great weather.

I reckon if I manage to get it sideways by 5 degrees more each time I ride I might even have a decent whip in a couple of years.

I got roosted a lot by Zacher, but this was probably the worst time and I want even riding.


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  1. zacher 10 years ago

    ahhh dude that was a great day of riding, your roost never felt so good hahahaha cant wait for those five days during the week to go by…

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