Staghead Moto

Staghead Moto

Staghead Moto is a collaboration between John Christenson and Nick Huber to document the craft and scene of fine vintage motorcycles. We seek to promote the lifestyle around vintage motorcycles through art, blogging, riding and modifying vintage bikes. In 2013 Staghead Moto founded and sponsored the traveling art expo ‘Oil&Ink Motorbike Print Expo’ with pop up galleries in NYC, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and at the Moto GP in Austin Texas.

Created by Tony Franklin and Alex Horner
Creative Director: Tony Franklin
Director: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Alex Horner
Copywriter: Molly Augustin
Edited by: Alex Horner
Colorist: Alex Horner
Original Score and Sound Design by: Bryan Hanna / Egg-Music
Voice Over Talent: Bryan Hanna
Location Sound: Ryan O’Hara Theisen
Production Assistant: Sam Gisselman
Production Assistant: Bill Hickey
Photographer: Bill Hickey


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