SR Suntour DUROLUX R2C2 review

SR Suntour DUROLUX R2C2 review

We saw how stoked Haibike Pro rider Guido Tschugg was with his SRSuntour DUROLUX forks so we were keen to try some ourselves. The 27.5 fork comes in 180-170-160 travel settings which are set by an internal spacer system. Essentially you buy one fork and have the possibility to run it at 3 different heights! Awesome! We picked one up from the kind folks at SRSuntour and put it to work on our previously 150mm Travel Haibike AllMtn.

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We dropped the stem/bars down a little to compensate for the extra height and ran the DUROLUX at 160mm which served to slacken out the AllMtn a bit. The slacker head angle immediately helped the handling of the bike at higher speeds, but the next thing which was noticeable was how much stiffer and more precise the front felt. The Durolux has a 20mm QLoc quick release through axle, which means you may have to change your front wheel depending on what you have on your bike at the moment. If you need to change the wheel, that can be expensive, but the 20mm axle was a big improvement over our old 15mm one. The QLoc is also super fast to open and remove to take the front wheel on and off.

The extra weight of an eBike is noticeable under heavy braking, so the 20mm axle of the DUROLUX combined with the 36mm stanchions meant the front of the bike felt much more torsionally solid than our old forks with 34mm stachions and a 15mm axle, allowing a significantly greater degree of control and handling precision when charging through the rough stuff and coming in hard to corners. Put simply, the fork transformed the bike into a beast capable of tackling far greater speeds and far gnarlier terrain than the old one. The Durolux is not the lightest fork on the market, but the minimal weight difference is not as critical with eBikes as traditional bikes so it didn’t both us at all.

The fork comes with an integrated fender which is a brilliant idea. All forks should come with one in our opinion! This is not to keep you clean, when you ride off-road you are going to get dirty, but what it does do is reduce the amount of crap that gets thrown up into your face, clouding your vision. Clearer vision on the trails lets you ride faster with more safety so we are big fans of the fender.

There are lubrication holes which let you put in a little oil to keep the forks sliding smoothly if they dry up. We haven’t used them yet but we imagine we will after more use. The DUROLUX has an air chamber with an adjustable volume. This function allows the rider to choose between a more linear or a more progressive spring curve. It can be adjusted in three stages with spacers. The more spacers installed, the more progressive the spring curve. The spacers can be pushed out and reinserted without tools.

Being of average weight at 75kg, the fork ran so good straight out of the box that we have actually had no cause for playing around with the Independent high- and low-speed rebound settings yet, but it’s nice to have the option there!

Without getting too deep into the technology behind the fork, the new RC2 damper in the DUROLUX helps it to ride high up in it’s travel so you very rarely bottom it out. Small bump sensitivity is also great.

As you can tell we absolutely loved the fork, it’s as good if not better than any other similar travel length fork we have used and we can highly recommend it if you are looking for a new fork for your bike, especially if you have an eBike. The black stanchions combined with the integrated fender make it one of the best looking forks available as well.

For some reason it’s also significantly cheaper than equivalent offerings on the market. The quality seems great on it, so we are not sure why it’s cheaper, but we will see how it holds up over the next years abuse!

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Delivered with full amount of spacers – this means fast and small bumps compliance and higher progression rate.

You can easily change this setup by clipping in and out spacers, air pressure of course must be relieved before.


Integrated and detachable fender can be mounted easily.

Setting: 75 psi

High Speed Compression:  2 (-)

Low Speed Compression: 7 from open (-)

High Speed Rebound: 2 from open (-)

Low Speed Rebound: 7 from open (-)

Intended Use:

Not purely Enduro, but covering Freeriding and also Park, so this is why we went for a more robust and stable version,

which slightly is reflected by the weight and also by 20mm axle.


699,- € for Durolux Fix Travel 160, 170 or 180mm PCS (internal travel adjust)

749,- € for TA R2C2 PCS

Action photos by B. Turck.

SAG setting, overview adjusters etc: Please find the link to our public download of the manual:

How to use the QLoc2 axle: also described in the manual, here also a short video:

Here are links to Service video tutorials


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