Spring Creek Motocross National – Millville, Mn.

Spring Creek Motocross National – Millville, Mn.

Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey picked up yet another 1-1 victory in Rd. 7 of the UX MX nationals 450 class to delight his home town fans at the Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, Mn.

Factory teammates Ken Roczen of Germany finished fourth in the 250 class to remain fourth in the championship standings and Marvin Musquin of France was seventh.

The level is so high in the MX nationals, that Musquin is only coming in 7th place which is Crazy considering he is an ex world champion.

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Dungey ripped through qualifying to register fastest qualifying but in the opening moto he got pushed wide in the first corner and dropped to eighth. He quickly made a few passes in the opening lap and was sitting in fourth position by the start of the second lap. He moved into the top three on the third lap he when passed Kyle Regal over a table top before the sand whoops. A few laps later he caught and passed both Jake Weimer and Mike Alessi to take over the lead and went on to take the race by 23 seconds.

Dungey put together a perfect race in the second 450 Motocross moto. He pulled the holeshot and never looked back. He led every lap of the race to take the win by 48 seconds. This was fifth overall win of the season (from seven rounds) and improved his lead in the championship to 80 points.
Ryan Dungey: “It feels great to get a win here in front of my friends and family. This was a track I raced on growing up and it is still one of my favorites on the circuit.”

Roczen and Musquin finish 4-7 in 250 class
Roczen looked impressive in the morning qualifying on his first ever ride on this circuit where he turned the fastest qualifying time at the end of both sessions.

He was off to a fine start in the first moto and was second at the first corner while teammate Musquin in a comfortable seventh. Then a mistake put Musquin back at thirteenth and left him all to do for the rest of the moto, where he eventually pulled back to seventh at the flag. Meanwhile, Roczen held on to second place for the first half of the race before dropping to fourth on the eleventh lap. He managed to stick with the front runners but could not make any more passes.

Neither Roczen nor Musquin fared well at the start of the second moto and while Roczen salvaged sixth after the first corner, his French teammate was back in fifteenth. Both riders used the 30-minute plus two lap moto to move up through the order and at the half way mark Roczen was sitting in third and held on to the flag. Musquin advanced from fifteenth to sixth to be seventh at the end of the day.

Next Event: Washougal, WA – July 21, 2012

Overall Results 450 Motocross class –
1, Ryan Dungey – 1-1 (KTM)
2, Mike Alessi – 3-2
3, Jake Weimer – 2-3
4, Justin Brayton – 4-4
5, Andrew Short – 5-6
6, Broc Tickle – 12-5
7, Les Smith – 11-9 (KTM)
8, Cole Thompson – 15-7
9, Tyla Rattray – 6-28
10, Christian Craig – 14-14
Other KTM
15, Mike Brown – 18-12 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings 450 class –
1, Ryan Dungey – 336
2, Mike Alessi – 256
3, Jake Weimer – 244

Overall Results 250 Motocross Class –
1, Eli Tomac – 3-1
2, Justin Barcia – 2-2
3, Blake Baggett – 1-4
4, Ken Roczen – 4-3 (KTM)
5, Blake Wharton – 6-5
6, Wil Hahn – 5-7
7, Marvin Musquin – 7-6 (KTM)
8, Justin Bogle – 10-8
9, Jason Anderson – 8-10
10, Jake Canada – 9-13
Other KTM
14, Malcolm Stewart – 12-14 (KTM)
17, AJ Catanzaro – 18-17 (KTM)

Overall Point Standings 250 Motocross Class –
1, Blake Baggett – 315
2, Justin Barcia – 297
3, Eli Tomac – 281
4, Ken Roczen – 273
5, Marvin Musquin – 218


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