South America Superlative

South America Superlative

Another couple of friends of mine Jakob and Matts were recently out in South America touring around on their KTM’s and were kind enough to send me the photos of their epic adventures to post. Dig in, so many great shots in here!

“The start and end point was the harbor town of Valparaíso, Chile. The challenge: Choosing a route which almost followed the opposite direction of the Dakar Rally! We had to manage 5.700 km in 17 days passing the highest point of the journey in the Andes (5.040 m above sea level) crossing massive dunes at Copiapo (180 m high), experiencing the vastness of the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia and running out of gas in the middle of nowhere with 40 degrees celsius in Argentinia.
Somehow it was a beautiful reward to encounter Coma at the end route 4 of the Dakar Race, knowing that this might be his 4th title.”


  1. Juan Nerbyoso 9 years ago

    epic ride

  2. Temuujin Ulambayr 9 years ago

    Hund hetsuu ch iim zamiig tuulj ard garah l hamgiin saihan bgaadaa

  3. Temuujin Ulambayr 9 years ago

    Hard roadtrip but Great finish it is BiG

  4. Stacy DL 9 years ago

    Awesome pictures… always! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  5. Trisham 9 years ago

    Looks like an amazing adventure!
    May i ask, what kind of cameras they were using to capture this? SLR, or GoPro type cams? And where they using those dumping HDDs to empty their cards or carrying a laptop?

    • Geri 9 years ago

      Hey Trisham

      Most of the Pictures have been taken with a Nikon SLR and my Canon G15. I just bought the G15 before the trip and telling the truth I wouldn’t bring anything else with me in future. The quality of the pictures is amazing. Further it is much smaller than a SLR and more lightweight. Whenever we walked around trough the cities I have been the only one which took his camera with him. ;-)
      The only advantage of the SLR’s is the better zoom. (depending on the object lens)

      Beside that we had two GoPro 3 Black Edition with a couple of batteries with us. But non of the pictures above has been made with a GoPro. There will be a Video about the Trip in future ;-)

      For storing we didn’t bring any SSD. Just a few MicroSD cards for the GoPro and some SD / Flash Cards for the Cams.

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