Simkom Bikensteins

Simkom Bikensteins

2 new KTM Bikensteins spotted over at Simkom. No name on them though so not sure who to credit. The seats are way too small to ride the bikes properly but interesting designs anyway. Thanks Maxime for the headsup.


  1. Marcus 12 years ago

    Very cool, especially the supermoto. The seat is big enough for supermoto riding but not for mx riding? I’m just guessing.

    The under engine exhaust and cover looks great on the supermoto!

    Great to see how happy you are about your KTM, P!


  2. ptsp 12 years ago

    yea, cool bikes. they are bikensteins so we can overlook any practical issues i guess!

  3. Marcus 12 years ago

    I actually wondered as I am in sketch mode for a real life project. My own motard riding haven’t come yet due to snow here in Stockholm…

    Would it be seat size backwards it lacks?


  4. Craig 12 years ago

    WHO DID’EM !?

    Gotta find the checky mucker!

    bit too overstyled for my liking, but look a lot of fun!



  5. ptsp 12 years ago

    yea, you need a longer seat so you can slide forward and back. It definitely needs to be longer in the back.

  6. Marcus 12 years ago

    Forward I have used myself riding my sxv just a few times before the winter. Backwards I wasn’t so sure about other than that most seats look that way! :-) (Although that often is a good hint :-)

    Taking the corners nicely with moved forward position is cool but backwards, is that needed on street riding? (I thought that backwards was mostly used for putting weight backwards when doing jumps and stuff.) Normal and forward positions yes, but backwards? I might just reveal my lack of knowledge in supermoto riding… :-) Or maybe I am thinking too much in “streetbike goes supermoto” mode after doing the F1 Tracker… /Marcus

  7. ptsp 12 years ago

    @ Marcus, yea you slide your ass backwards on the straights to get lower and also in supermoto racing, you do jumps so slide around a lot on the bike then too. check it out:

  8. Marcus 12 years ago

    OK, got you! We’ll see what I come up with! :-)

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