Shed Built KTM – Dan Ridge

Shed Built KTM – Dan Ridge

Always love seeing people getting inspired to go out and build their own dream bike. Dan Ridge did just that with this Shed Built KTM, and found Catharsis along the way.

“When I was a boy my dad and uncles rode 500cc 2-stroke KTMs, Maicon and Husqvarnas.

That classic look is how I remember motocross bikes before they became power ranger plastic, garish coloured weapons.

Very much inspired by Roland Sands Kurt Casselli KTM build that coincided with the On Any Sunday 2 movie I decided to attempt a shed build version, using my ratty 2004 KTM 400 EXC.

I love the idea of modern (ish) power plant and suspension but aesthetically looking like a vintage mx bike. I remember watching Bruce Browns 1971 On Any Sunday as a young boy and falling in love with bikes.”

Build info:

Completely stripped every component.

Handmade bits: 



Aluminium fuel tank

Side number panels

Front Number panel

Front mud guard mount 

Restored/rebuilt bits:

Every bit of…

Front and rear suspension

Braking system 


All bearings

Wheels rebuild from scratch, laced and balanced


Only essential electrics left (but I may refit minimum to get it in a state for an MOT, it has a V5 being an EXC model)

Powder Coated bits:



Wheel rims

Wheel hubs

Triple clamps

Exhaust is painted matt black with High Temp Paint.

Silencer is custom made.

Finishing paint work is bone white and KTM or orange.

To see the full build check out this link here:


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