S4PMC1 !!

S4PMC1 !!

Firstly a huge thank you to Grant Robinson for sending me this write up on his and Brendan’s build, together with so many brilliant photos. A derestricted exclusive! Dig in.

About a year and a half ago Brendan Fairclough and I started talking seriously about building a bike together.
Our opinions on what we wanted to achieve were split on some things but the same on others.
Built to the Sorry4Partying collective’s rules it would be, without question, matte black, obnoxiously loud and as simplified as possible to look at and ride.
Cafe, tracker, scrambler, we didn’t really care it just had to look and sound tough and manly, haha!
We settled on a 1978 BMW r80/7, and although Beemer’s seem to be the bike of choice at the moment we could care less.
Every bike is going to have it’s day and so long as it suits what your after then do it.
It started life as a police bike on the Isle of Jersey and came to England in 1984 with just over 30k on the clock and looked pretty haggard when we got it.
It had sat in a garden under a tarp for six years and with only a new battery it started straight away, old fuel and all.
The biggest challenge was hiding the wiring and battery.
Our friend Mike built us a new loom which sits under the seat and the battery is now in the old air filter box, it’s a lith-ion Ballistic from the US.
We shortened the tail by about 4 or 5 inches, had the frame and various bits powder coated and a new seat stitched by Glenn at Glenn Moger Motorcycle Seats.
Renthal supplied us the bar, the speedo and headlamp came from RedMax SpeedShop, the tail lamp from an old tractor.
ARC moto clutch lever and Venhill fabricated us a one into two throttle assembly.
Shod with new tires, Dunlop something but I can’t remember.
And last, but not least, the world’s supply of matte black paint accented with 24carat gold.
To ride this thing is so much better than we expected, it has torque like crazy and by running air filters straight onto the carbs and shedding near on 50lbs of weight the horsepower gained is mental.
Brendan wants it to cruise around London and look cool on, I wanted it to do the ton.
It does both better than you would ever imagine so mission accomplished.
We are by no means bike builders but everything we set out to have in the end product is here.
At the beginning I was far to much a perfectionist and Brendan to much of a hammer and wrench approach but I’ve learnt to speed up and Bren to slow down so between us it has come together far beyond what we could have ever hoped for.
Learnt a million things along the way and S4PMC2 won’t be far behind…



Many thanks has to go to Ian Collins at Renthal for the bars, Troy at Troy Lee for robbing the moto team truck for our clutch, Tim and Kevin at SpiritOfTheSeventies for their advice, our friend Mike for the wiring and Omed and his old man Dave for machining us little bits and pieces. Couldn’t have done it without all the help!!


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  1. Nicolas Diaz 7 years ago

    love the r/7 and this custom is by far the one i loved the most….thanks for the write up…

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