Ride Must Go On – Istanbul to Magadan

Ride Must Go On – Istanbul to Magadan

from Ride Must Go On:

After working for the media industry in Istanbul about 14 years, I decided to quit my job and fulfill my dream; riding around the world on a motorcycle. I will start my journey on 1st of June 2014. I plan to ride through Russia, Mongolia, Siberia and then ship myself and my bike to North America. I will try to catch up Dakar 2015 in South America also. Then I will decide the route for Africa.

Tolga Basol

I have started to travel around the world with my motorcycle on 2th June 2014. I have created this video from the shots while I was riding through Georgia, Siberia, Mongolia and Far East Russia. The Asia phase took three months and 17.649 km. from Istanbul to Magadan. I have used Panasonic GH4, Sony RX-100, Sony Action Cams and a GoPro 3+ for this clip.
All shootings, editing and color correction are done by me.
Music: Biting Elbows – Bad Motherfucker

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