Rad to see Rok still rocking the old 690 Graphic I designed years ago!

Tribute to Stunt Riding or how the KTM’s Official Stunt Rider Rok Bagoros Survived the Road of Death or Glory.

“I’d always wanted to tell my story to a wider audience. It’s all about a simple desire to tell the world that anything is possible.” – Rok Bagoros

Dream big, never give up – and make an action short film? Hell, yeah! Enter Rok’s imaginary world where he is facing deadly traps on the Road of Death or Glory!


During the four days of shooting on the grounds of the aluminum factory Talum Kidricevo in Slovenia Rok harvested a few bumps, but this is acceptable collateral damage if you are trying to escape evil forces with all classic and new-school stunt riding tricks. Therefore the short movie Ride and Slay is not only a film depiction of Rok Bagoros’ fantasy, but also a new concept of a free-style short film with crazy characters and Hollywood-like special effects, and, at the same time, an action packed RokON! stunt riding repertoire. The moral of the story? In the world, ruled by evil characters, sometimes the only thing you need is a pocket full of (stunt riding) tricks to escape the death and reach the glory!


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