Ride 100% Speedcraft Performance sunglasses

Ride 100% Speedcraft Performance sunglasses

So far this year I have clocked 729 km on my mountain bike which is a lot more than I have ever done by April in the past! For most of it I have just been wearing normal sunglasses, or goggles for the long downhills, but ever since seeing a 3D rendering of the new 100% speedcraft Performance eyewear at last yeas Arco MXGP race on 100% creative director Marc Blanchard’s phone I have been looking forward to trying out a pair. Actually, you could say I haven’t been so excited for a pair of sunglasses since the early 90’s when Oakley were killing it with their wrap around shades! This weekend Marc was kind enough to bring me over one of the first pairs of the new 100% Speedcraft sunglasses so I snapped a few photos of them.

I think I would rock the black pair casually, but the neon ones are all about protecting your eyes when you ride and looking good on your bike. They come in 2 different lens heights, they fit snuggly with grippy arms so they don’t come off and they come in some wicked colorways.

Check them all out here on the excellent 100% website.

They come with some well designed packaging, an extra low-light lens, an EVA molded carrying case, a sublimated micro-fiber bag and 2 interchangeable nose pads (1 Standard Fit – 1 Small Fit)



• Megol® rubber coated nose pads and temple arms offer superior fit and comfort.
• Enhanced space between lens and face increases airflow and prevents fogging.
• Temple arm scoops form a secure fit to your head and manage moisture.
• Exceptional cylindrical lens provides flawless clarity.
• Hydrophobic and Oleophobic exterior lens coating repels water and oil.
• Anti-reflective interior lens surface coating reduces sidelight reflections.
• Wrap-around design reduces movement on your face.
• In the box:
extra low-light lens
EVA molded carrying case holds glasses and spare lenses
sublimated micro-fiber bag
2 interchangeable nose pads (1 Standard Fit – 1 Small / Asian Fit)
• Additional replacement lenses available in multiple tints for all light conditions.
• Designed in California. Made in Italy.
• CE and ANSI Certified



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