Return to XBOWL Arena

Return to XBOWL Arena

Feels like ages since we were last at XBOWL arena, where we spent so much time over the years. Living in Munich nowadays, with so much work, and family commitments on top, makes it tricky to find the time to make the journey over there, but last week we took a day off work made it happen!

Along for the session were friend and fellow designer Zajcmaster, Haibike Pro Guido Tschugg and local artist Alexander Steinwendtner.

The KTM 300EXC was running great with it’s new FMF Pipe and silencer and looks and sounds sooooo sick. I spun a few laps on Guido’s 350 SX-F and was reminded of what a great bike it is. Guido rides so much faster than me though, so his suspension was too stiff for me to get super comfortable with, but it’s still such an easy, well rounded bike to ride.

The ride 100% gear is not designed for Moto, it is a Downhill mountain biking gear-set, but since I don’t ride all that much moto at the moment and because it looks great I wore it for the day. There is no leather on the knees so they would get holes pretty quick there with regular use, so we wouldn’t recommend it for moto, as comfortable and fresh as it is.

It was brilliant to be back on a dirtbike again! I have fallen in love with riding eMTB the last year, since the bikes just open up so many possibilities to hit trails in the Mountains near here, and even direct from my door, trails that are totally off limits for motorcycles, and since I have just as much fun on them as riding moto, they have really taken over as my go-to sport. There are some other Motocross/Enduro tracks close to Munich, but in the time it takes me to laod up the trailer and gear, drive there and unload, I can already cover about 25km on sick trails straight from the door!

Trying to clear technical climbs on the Haibike XDURO’s, cruising along flowing singletrack next to the Isar, doing high speed loops of the DH tracks in the woods, or missioning it a bit deeper into the mountains south of here to ride, pretty much satisfies most of my adrenaline and sporting needs nowadays.

All that being said, there is still nothing like moto, so when the chance presents itself, we are always stoked to ride, and love it as much as we always did, the only problem is eBikes have no clutch so you get mega armpump the first few laps when you get back on a dirtbike!

Photos are from Zajcmaster, Guido and Myself.


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