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Red Bull KTM Factory riders put on a stunning display of riding on Sunday at Germany’s Lausitzring circuit to claim victory in both the MX1 and MX2 GPs and with all four riders on the podium.









Despite extreme conditions and searing heat at the temporary German circuit both Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings again were unassailable as they continue to charge towards their respective world championship titles. Cairoli claimed his ninth GP win this season while Wunderkind Herlings lived up to his nickname of “The Bullet” taking his thirteenth win from 13 GPS as he continues his quest to win every GP in 2013.

Cairoli’s Belgian teammate Ken de Dycker finished overall third in the MX1 GP and for the first time this season moves up to third in the points standings. Tixier was a strong second to Herlings and maintains his second place in the championship points.

Cairoli again in top form

The opening moto of MX1 saw Cairoli take second to Clement Desalle and the wily and much winning Italian was perhaps conserving his energy for the all-important second moto. He shot out of the gate and claimed the holeshot and while closely shadowed by Desalle in the early part of the race, he settled down to distance himself in small but telling time increments. When he charged the finish line he was just under 19 seconds in front of Desalle.

De Dycker 4-3 was enough to put him on the podium in third place and his pass on Britain’s Tommy Searle in the second half of the second moto was the determining factor. Searle was the pole man and had performed well all weekend but once De Dycker had overtaken, he then set about distancing himself.

Cairoli said he liked racing at the Lausitzring and described it as the track of the future, adding that such a facility would help to grow the sport and increase the interest in Motocross. “I liked the track. It was very technical with lots of jumps and the public could see a lot. My race weekend was perfect but in the first moto I lost a bit of concentration after (Gautier) Paulin crashed. l was getting a but tired so I didn’t want to take any risks because I want to take as many championship points as possible. Then I got a good start in the second race and I was able to pull away and make a good gap.”

De Dycker also said he liked the track this weekend. “I enjoyed it. There were nice jumps and it was technical and I’m happy to be on the podium again. I want to get stronger and be on the podium every week.”

Herlings dominates MX2
Herlings delivered another two astonishing motos, winning the first by 34 seconds and the second race, when most riders were suffering from the extreme heat, by a massive 54.4 seconds. He charged the physically draining track with freshness and exuberance and apart from the first five laps in the second moto, where teammate Tixier kept him in check in second place, he never looked threatened. Tixier had a comfortable 3-2 result for overall second and was joined on the podium by Glenn Coldenhoff of Netherlands to complete a KTM sweep. It was Coldenhoff’s first career MX2 podium. Jose Butron of Spain rode his KTM into fourth place and six of the top ten riders were on the Austrian-made sports motorcycles.

Herlings said he liked the track, which had been purpose built at the Lausitzring for this event. “It was wonderful. A cool track with big jumps and it was a lot of fun,” he said. “I took the two moto wins and hopefully I can do the same next weekend.” Herlings has his first chance to seal the MX2 World title for the second consecutive season next weekend in the GP of Czech Republic, should he continue to win both motos.











Tixier, who has been selected for the French Motocross of Nations team was happy to be second on the podium after a string of thirds in recent GPs. “I got a good start both times and I had a good speed,” he said. “My goal is to be out in front for a bit longer every weekend and this time I led the second moto for five laps and that was pretty good. I could have let Jeffrey past in the first lap but I didn’t want to do that because I am working on improving my speed, also for the coming seasons.”

Glenn Coldenhoff was also happy. “I worked really hard last winter and I’ve been fourth four times so now I finally made it happen in what was the toughest race of my career. I was really tired at the end but I’m so happy that I made it now.”

Team Manager Stefan Everts was also ‘super happy’ with the factory team. “Everything went great and we had all four riders on the podium. Jeffrey was outstanding with his double victory. Jordi had a tough first moto but he came through in the second when he tried to challenge Jeffrey. tony rode a very smart first race and he took the holeshot in the second and dominated the whole race. Ken was impressive in hot conditions, which we know don’t really suit him but he rode hard to get on the podium. We also have all four riders in the top three in the standings.”






The weekend also KTM’s Pauls Jonass of the Wilvo Nestaan JM Racing KTM Team take his fourth consecutive victory in the EMX125 class to maintain a perfect scorecard for the 2013 championship.

MX1, MX2 and EMX125 riders will all race again next weekend at Loket in neighboring Czech Republic.

GP of Germany at the Lausitzring – Round 13 of the World Championship
MX1 Results
1, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM
2, Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki
3, Ken de Dycker, Belgium, KTM
4, Tommy Searle, Great Britain, Kawasaki
5, Kevin Strijbos, Belgium, Suzuki
Other KTM
10, Matiss Karro, Latvia, KTM
16, Jonathan Barragan, Spain, KTM

MX1 Standings
1, Cairoli, 611
2, Desalle, 503
3, de Dycker, 479
4, Paulin, 465
5, Strijbos, 397
Other KTM
9, Goncalves, 230

MX1 Manufacturers Standings
1, KTM, 623
2, Suzuki, 531
3, Kawasaki, 512

MX2 Results
1, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM
2, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM
3, Glenn Coldenhoff, Netherlands, KTM
4, Jose Butron, Spain, KTM
5, Max Anstie, Great Britain, Suzuki
Other KTM
7, Jake Nicholls, Great Britain, KTM
10, Harri Kullas, Finland, KTM
11, Tim Gajser, Slovenia, KTM
13, Elliott Banks-Browne, Great Britain, KTM
14, Romain Febvre, France, KTM

MX2 Standings
1, Herlings, 642
2, Tixier, 483
3, Butron, 416
4, Charlier, 365
5, Coldenhoff, 362
Other KTM
7, Nicholls, 318

MX2 Manufacturers Standings
1, KTM, 647
2, Yamaha, 466
3, Kawasaki, 365

Motocross European Championship at the Lausitzring, Germany
EMX 125 Results of Round 4
1, Pauls Jonass, Latvia, KTM, 29:09.699
2, Calvin Vlaanderen, Netherlands, KTM, 29:20.156
3, Anton Lundgren, Sweden, KTM, 29:27.973
4, Frederik van der Vlist, Netherlands, Yamaha, 29:44.672
5, Nicolas Dercourt, France, Yamaha, 29:48.124

EMX 125 Championship Standings after Round 4
1, Jonass, 125
2, Vlaanderen, 94
3, van der Vlist, 88
4, Dercourt, 86
5, Lundgren, 83

EMX 125 Manufacturers Standings after Round 4
1, KTM, 125
2, Yamaha, 96
3, Suzuki, 55


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