Rd. 7 US Pro Motocross – Budds Creek

Rd. 7 US Pro Motocross – Budds Creek

Highlights video, race report and Cudby photos from Rd.7 of the US pro motocross championships at Budds Creek.

The US Red Bull KTM Factory Team picked up another 1-2 on Saturday with Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen on the 450-class podium again in Rd. 7 of the US Pro Motocross Championship at Budds Creek MX Park, Mechanicsville, Maryland.

The two riders once again split the moto victories but Dungey’s win in the second saw him take overall victory ahead of his German teammate Roczen. both ride the KTM 450 SX-F machine

Dungey had a good start in the first moto but made mistakes on the opening lap that allowed Roczen, to catch up to him. The Red Bull KTM riders battled for the first three laps before Roczen made the pass on Dungey. Roczen continued his push through the pack and soon passed Trey Canard for the lead in a fast outside line down Henry Hill.

Dungey quickly followed suit, held his pace and stayed within three seconds of Roczen throughout the moto. He managed to close the gap with one lap to go but was not able to make the pass. Roczen, who is in his rookie season and the championship leader, went on to take his seventh moto win for the season.

“I didn’t get the best start in that moto,” Roczen said after the race. “Luckily, I made some quick passes and adapted well to the track. The course is getting rough and I know the second moto will be more challenging.”

Dungey was lighting fast out of the gates in the second moto. He picked up the holeshot and stayed out in front the entire race to seal the overall win with his 2-1 result. Roczen started in fourth position in the second moto and quickly advanced up to second in the early stages of the race. But while he was busy moving up through the pack Dungey pulled enough lead to guarantee him the victory.

“I was feeling good all day,” Dungey said. “I knew what I had to do to win today and I am grateful I was able to pull it off. I have always liked this race and I think the series did a great job with this track today.”


The victory marks Dungey’s third consecutive overall win at the Budds Creek race. With both Red Bull KTM riders’ swapping the top two positions each moto, the series point gap does not change. Now seven races in, Roczen leads Dungey by 26 points.


Tough day for Musquin in 250-class
Meanwhile it proved to be a tough day out for Red Bull KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin who finished tenth overall in the 250-class at the Budds Creek Raceway on his KTM 250 SX-F.

Musquin got a mid-pack start in the first moto and quickly moved into the top ten in the opening laps. He had advanced to eighth by mid race and held onto the spot to the end of the moto.

“The track is very rough today,” stated Musquin. “It is also very hot and humid which is playing a big factor. I did not have a great start in the first moto and that hurt me.”

Musquin got an even worse start in his second race. He was fast off the gate but then clipped another rider around the corner and crashed hard with multiple riders on the start straight. The French rider was slow to get up but eventually recovered and returned to the track about half a lap down. He then switched back into race mode and started to make passes and managed to scramble back to finish fourteenth. His 8-14 moto scores earned him tenth overall for the day.

Musquin said he was disappointed not to be on the podium but was happy to have come away from his crash unscathed.

Next Event: July 19, 2014 – Spring Creek National – Millville, MN

Results Rd. 7 Budds Creek

1, Ryan Dungey KTM, (2-1)

2, Ken Roczen KTM, (1-2)

3, Eli Tomac (4-3)

4, Trey Canard (3-4)

5, Weston Peick (6-5)

6, Josh Grant (9-6)

7, Andrew Short KTM, (8-7)

8, Brett Metcalfe (7-11)

9, Phil Nicoletti (12-8)

10, Matt Goerke (11-10)

450-class points after Rd. 7
1, Roczen, 327
2, Dungey, 301,
3, Canard, 264
4, James Stewart, 212
5, Metcalfe, 192

Results Rd. 7 Budds Creek
250 class

1, Blake Baggett (3-1)

2, Jeremy Martin (2-2)

3, Jason Anderson (1-7)

4, Christophe Pourcel (6-3)
5, Cooper Webb (5-4)
6, Justin Bogle (4-5)
7, Justin Hill (13-6)
8, Cole Seely (10-9)
9, Anthony Rodriguez (9-10)

10, Marvin Musquin (8-14)

250-class points after Rd. 7
1, Martin, 294
2, Baggett, 267
3, Webb, 261
4, Bogle 225
5, Pourcell 211

7, Musquin, KTM, 201




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