Rd. 3 FIM SuperEnduro – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Rd. 3 FIM SuperEnduro – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Taddy Blazusiak delivered a top performance in Rd. 3 of the FIM SuperEnduro Championship held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil Saturday. The reigning champion picked up the Superpole and a 1-3-1 result in the three finals and consolidates his championship points lead.

The Polish factory rider was the big winner with UK’s David Knight finishing second overall and Alfredo Gomez of Spain in third. Taddy’s teammate Jonny Walker of Britain was fourth after having some difficulty with arm pump.

Blazusiak warmed to the occasion and the enthusiasm of the large crowd to deliver a stunning ride in the Superpole and the opening Prestige class final when he got away badly, crashed twice but still crossed the line three seconds ahead of Knight.

KTM Enduro Team Manager Fabio Farioli said he had delivered a great ride in the opening race, had salvaged third in the second race after three separate crashes and then came back well in the third race to pick up a total of 58 points on the night.

Farioli also said Walker rode well in the opener and was out in front when he lost positions due to arm pump.

Farioli: “Taddy was really brilliant tonight, especially in the opening race where he made a great recovery to go on and win. Jonny was also leading in the second race but crashed and finished fourth,” he said.

Walker’s 3-4-3 result netted him 44 points and he is now fourth in the championship standings.

The next round is in Mexico on January 25. 

photos by J.Edmunds

FIM SuperEnduro Championship Rd. 3
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Prestige Final 1
1, Taddy Blazusiak, POL, KTM, 7:12.314
2, David Knight, GBR, Sherco at 3.938
3, Jonny Walker, GBR, KTM at 17.646
4, Alfredo Gomez, ESP, Husqvarna at 24.151
5, Joakim Ljunggren, SWE, Husqvarna at one lap
Other KTM
7, Kyle Redmond, USA, KTM at 2 laps
8, Ricky Dietrich, USA, KTM at 2 laps

Prestige Final 2
1, Gomez, 7:31.126
2, Knight at 0.799
3, Blazusiak at 4.025
4, Walker at 22.612
5, Ljunggren at 25.077
Other KTM
8, Kevin Rookstool, USA, KTM at 1 lap
10, Redmond at 2 laps
11. Dietrich at 2 laps

Prestige Final 3
1, Blazusiak 7:13.969
2, Knight at 4.297
3, Walker at 12.864
4, Gomez at 22.874
5, Ljunggren at 33.817
Other KTM
6, Redmond at 34.368
9, Rookstool at 1 lap
13, Diertrich at 3 laps

Event Classification
1, Blazusiak 58 points
2, Knight 53
3, Gomez 46
4, Walker 44
5, Ljunggren 33
7, Redmond 25
9, Rookstool 22
11, Dietrich 14

Championship standings after 3 (of 6) rounds
1, Blazusiak 165 points
2, Knight 146
3, Gomez 120
4, Walker 112
5, Gibert Gatell 109

Junior Final 1
1, Giacomo Redondi, ITA, Beta, 7:36.594
2, Vinicius Calafati, BRA, KTM at one lap
3, Breno Felner, BRA, TM at 2 laps
4, Vinicius Lopes, KTM at 2 laps
5, Anton Loandro, BRA, Husqvarna at 2 laps
Other KTM
7, Rafael Borzino Thome, BRA, KTM at 2 laps

Junior Final 2
1, Redondi 7:37.945
2, Calafati at one lap
3, Felner at one lap
4, Loandro at 2 laps
5, Ronald Santi, BRA, Honda at 3 laps
Other KTM
8, Borzino Thome at 4 laps

Event Classification
1, Redondi, 40 points

2, Calafati, 34
3, Felner, 30


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