Rd. 2 Super Enduro Championships – Lodz, Poland

Rd. 2 Super Enduro Championships – Lodz, Poland

Red Bull KTM factory rider Taddy Blazusiak scrambled back to victory in the third final of Rd. 2 of the Super Enduro Championships in Lodz, Poland to round off the night overall second behind David Knight (UK).

Taddy, who this season took his fifth AMA EnduroCross title, finished with a 4-8-1 result but also took the Super Pole and retains the lead in the points for the 2013-2014 competition. Spain’s Dani Gibert finished third overall behind Knight and Blazusiak.

It was also a good night for KTM rider Giacomo Redondi of Italy who was a comfortable winner in the junior category

There was plenty of action in the Prestige Class in the first of three finals with Knight getting away cleanly and taking his first win of the series as Taddy found himself deep in traffic behind him. Blazusiak was back to fourth place by the end of the race with French rider Mathias Bellino and Britain’s Danny McCanny picking up places 2-3. Gibert rounded off the top five.

Riders started in the reverse order in the second of the three finals and Knight and Blazusiak had to fight their way through the field. Gibert took control of the race on lap six and went on to win ahead of Alfredo Gomez and KTM rider Kornel Nemeth. KTM’s Jonny walker moved up to fifth, three places ahead of his result in the first of the three finals while Knight and Blazusiak, who had to scramble back from a number of crashes finished sixth and eighth respectively.

But it was in the third final that Taddy came into his own, lifting his game in front of his home crowd to grab the holeshot and lead the opening lap. Bellino then slipped past him when Taddy made a small mistake but the Pole recovered and went on to take the win. Knight, Walker and Bellino took place 2-4.

KTM Enduro Team Manager Fabio Farioli: “It was a difficult track tonight, not impossible but difficult and overall I am happy with the team’s performance. The individual results did not really reflect how well they rode tonight.

The competition now goes into recess until January when it will resume on Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the first of two rounds in the Americas, before returning to Europe for two more rounds in Spain and France.

Results Prestige Class:
Final No. 1 (of three)
1, David Knight, UK, Sherco
2, Matthias Bellino, France, Husqvarna
3, Danny McCanny, UK
4, Taddy Blazusiak, Poland, KTM
5, Daniel Gibert, Spain, Husaberg
6, Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
8, Jonny Walker, UK KTM

Final No. 2 (of three)
1, Gibert
2, Alfredo Gomez, Spain, Husqvarna
3, Kornel Nemeth, Hungary KTM
4, Joakim Ljinggren, Sweden, Husqvarna
5, Walker.
6, Knight
7, McCanny
8, Blazusiak
13, Cervantes

Final No. 3 (of three)
1, Blazusiak
2, Knight
3, Walker
4, Bellino
5, Gomez
10, Cervantes

Super Pole
1, Blazusiak
2, Bellino
3, Knight

Overall for Round 2
1, Knight
2, Blazusiak
3, Gibert

Championship points standings (after 2 of 6 rounds)
1, Blazusiak, 107
2, Knight 93
3, Gibert, 80
4, Gomez, 74
5, Walker 68

Photos by J.Edmunds.


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