PSP Bikenstein 5

PSP Bikenstein 5

Small bore tuned 350cc 4 stroke based on the KTM 125 engine and frame, 125 r wheels and 125 stunt forks with various other mods, tweaks and additions. 2 different variations.


  1. lenny bubble visor 12 years ago

    the top one is a bike i would like to have!
    ktm should make something like this
    the two tone rims are sweet

  2. Author
    ptsp 12 years ago

    thanks man, they are based on these concept bikes:

    KTM is now making this bike under the name 125 duke, but it’s not quite as pimp as the concept bikes.

  3. patrick 12 years ago

    I think I’d go for the bottom one – little bit unfinished though. should’ve at least tried to slap something like a lamp onto that thing :)

  4. Author
    ptsp 12 years ago

    @ Patrick, the top one is the finished version of the bottom one, which was just a version I saved along the way and liked too so figured it was worth posting. Kind of shows why bikes nowadays always end up so busy. To make the bottom simple version took me about 15 mins, and the top one an hour or so. If I spent as long on it as is normally spent designing bike it would start getting busier and busier most likely, which is what most new bikes end up like.

  5. Neil 9 years ago

    I realise this post is a few years old but if the designer of this concept bike is reading this is there any way you could design a few more pictures of the bike from different angles please? I have a 125 duke that I’m seriously considering turning into this bike and a few more pictures would really help!

    • admin 9 years ago

      Hi Neil, I did it but no way I have time to make any other angles sorry! happy you like it though! :)

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