Pikes Peak Project: Chapter six

Pikes Peak Project: Chapter six

First shots starting to come through of the BottPower Buell XBRR engined Pikes peak bike race bike! The bike has not been painted yet but it’s already looking great. We designed the paint scheme and GFX for the final version so can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Check out BottPower’s blog to stay up to date on the project!

Photos by @mariobike86

At this first test, they had to run the engine in, so the first laps were very quiet. Little by little Sergio was feeling more confident with the bike, and in the last runs he rode fast and had a lot of fun. He found the bike agile and liked it a lot and they since they didnt run into any problems they came back to the workshop with big smiles.

During the next two weeks they will make some tests more. Travis Newbold (the rider who will race in Pikes Peak) will come to Spain. It is very important that he rides the bike as much as possible before shipping it to Colorado. In this way, once they start testing in Pikes Peak, Travis will know the bike already, and he will ride it with more confidence from the beginning.
In the next days they will try to test the bike also in a bigger track, to check how it behaves on fast corners.

There are only 2 weeks before the bike ships, and they still have a lot of work ahead. They have to paint the bike to show all the sponsors, add more sensors for the data acquisition, work with the engine mapping and prepare all the spare parts to ship with the bike.


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