One Industries reactor Gear – Photos and a few words (From Piers)

One Industries reactor Gear – Photos and a few words (From Piers)

I got a few new sets of gear to try out so thought I would share a few thoughts and photos of riding in them with you. I have been a fan of One Industries for a long time so gave the 2012 Reactor gear a try first.

Looks great IMHO. Simple, bold, clean.

The attention to detail on the gear is Superb.

I’m not sure how long the white will stay white, but it looks fresh!

It was seriously hot today but the gear is well vented. The faster you go, the more air you get and the cooler you feel

There was quite a lot of material around the knees but I have pretty short legs.

The only issue I had is that nowadays I am not all that fit and got pretty severe armpump as usual. The shirt is cut quite tight on the arms which is good as there is no material to flap around in the wind, but not so good when your arms pump up as it gets a little too tight.

The gloves were perfect. Preferred them over the fox ones we had too as they didnt have a closure system. Slipped on and stayed there.

Ugly back protector. I look like a Ninja turtle. Or quasimoto.

I got to run out now, but will add some more info later. The other reviews will also follow as soon as I have some time. Great days riding!

Great quality
Minimal bold GFX
Super well vented
Lightest gear I tested
Looks great
Fits well
Incredible attention to detail
Minimal Usage of TPR’s
Modern design

Arms a little too tight
Had to ride faster than normal because you cant ride slow with such nice gear!


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