My friend Jakob just got back from a Motorcycle trip to Oman with his friend Mats and they were kind enough to share their photos and some words about their adventures on DERESTRICTED. Some gems in here, so dig in!:

Such an incredible country for those who are seeking vast landscapes and adventure. Oman is almost the size of Germany but with only a population 2,7mil people.

It´s a privilege to discover this scenically rich country with its pure wadis, empty beaches, endless deserts and rough mountains – especially if your choice of transportation is an enduro bike.

Shipping 4 bikes (KTM 950 ADVENTURE S, KTM640 ADVENTURE, KTM690 ENDURO with RALLY conversion, BMW1200GS with 21”,18” WHEEL CONVERSION) from Germany to Oman with http://www.einfach-losfahren.de/ (excellent service) the trip started on December 26th 2013 in the capital Muscat.

The journey took us all across the whole country down to the very south – Salala. Most of it was Off Road experiencing the steep dirt roads of the Al Hajar Mountains, the wet wadis and the open sandy desserts Wahiba Sands and parts of the Rub al-Chali. Total distance of the round trip is about 4250km. It is a true Off Road paradise with very little restrictions.

Winter Temperature is very enjoyable having temperatures ranging from 19-26°C. And the best thing about Oman: Omani people are very friendly and helpful. Gives you a delightful contrast to Austria!

Got stuck in a wadi 30min after picking up the bike from Muscat

Wadi Bani Awf

Evening sun near Ibri

Talking a walk at 7am to the Bedouin market in Sinaw

Hajar mountains at 1650m above sea level

Windy dirt roads down from the Hajar mountains

Wadi Arbean near Qurayat

Wadi Bani Khalid

Sunset on the road to Wadi Bani Khalid

Crossing Wahiba sands 160km of sand and not much more

Beach on Masirah Island, make sure your swim trunks fit

Beaches on Masirah Island are empty and clean

Florian is having fun in the sand and he likes to pose

The bay in the city of Sur at night

Hajar Mountains

640 Adventure vs. GS1200R

This is the 690 Enduro with Rally Replica Fairing and front Tanks

GS railing through a water crossing

The 4 test contenders in one picture

Mats like to pose too this is on a cliff in Ra’s al Markaz

Matthias having a blast in Wadi Shuwaimiah

Huge Dune in the Empty Quarter Desert

A small Wadi in al Wusta region

Never mind the luggage, this is great fun.

Dubai Skyline

This is just 35km outside of muscat

On the way back the bike stalled and I had to push it out, this is what can happen if you are going for a great shot

Into the mist of Hajar mountains

Jakob is taking a break to mess with the GPS

The Beach of al Khaluf

White Dunes of al Khaluf

Loading luggage can be challenging

Mats having a Blast

Jakob is getting comfortable

Wahiba sand crossing

Wadi racer

Servicing my 2 baby’s

I like how the dust is lit by the sun

A great view of muscat

Wadi Dayqah

Misty Hajar Mountains

It’s great to get close to the people when you travel with motorbikes


  1. Cam Mead 10 years ago

    That looks like fun for sure with some amazing scenery! Who wants a pure road bike after seeing this?.. Uhh

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      yea, especially if you live somewhere amazing for enduro like new Zealand!! ;)

  2. MP 10 years ago

    Aaaahh, looks amazing, must quit job now. Now. Nope, still here… Crap.

    • Author
      admin 10 years ago

      hhaha, yea, get the same thought! Planning a trip to dirtpark in Hungary though for a week in may which should be seriously good too!

  3. AGung Wijaya 10 years ago

    Great pictures. Sight for sore eyes for me in the office…

  4. Verun'ja Dg 10 years ago

    Off-road trip of my friend Matts through the OMAN. Take a look it's worth it!

  5. Beautiful places. With pleasure, I see the little led by Mats.

  6. Arturo Ostrowski 10 years ago

    awesome experience…. beautiful photos

  7. Cornelius Quiring 10 years ago

    Every time I see these type of pictures I pine to ride off into the unknown.

  8. Street Triple 10 years ago

    Great photos, awesome trip!

  9. Julio Spolzino 10 years ago

    great work with photos, amazing trip guys, keep it going!

  10. Chris Allen 10 years ago

    Truly awesome photos. Isn't Oman great?

  11. Višan Richard 10 years ago


  12. Brett Lawrence 10 years ago

    It looks like fun, I wish I was there!!!!!!

  13. Gerhard Wipplinger 10 years ago

    Jakob, meine Hochachtung, du bist das geborene Viecherl fürs Derbe!

  14. Mustafa Najwani 10 years ago

    beautiful pictures from my country. I hope you enjoyed the journey. keep on and good luck.

  15. Mustafa Najwani 10 years ago

    beautiful pictures from my country. I hope you enjoyed the journey. keep on and good luck.

  16. Shawn Guilbault 9 years ago

    Amazing trip and excellent photographs!

  17. impressive)))

  18. Nicola De Liguori Carino 9 years ago

    Great trip! i am planning the same for next year.
    Can you give me some info on shipping prices?
    Many thanks


  19. Derestricted 9 years ago

    Hi Nicola, they did it through these guys, but maybe that wont help you from Manchester: http://www.einfach-losfahren.de/

  20. Anton Spilhaus 9 years ago

    I live here in Oman, and these photos are amazing! Thanks for showing off our beautiful country!

  21. mohammed 9 years ago

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  22. Pierre Neyret 9 years ago

    Congratulation for ur pictures, perfect !

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