Offset Bushings to slacken head angle.

Offset Bushings to slacken head angle.

The trend over the last few years in mountain biking for performance focused models has been towards slacker (and longer TT) bikes. This has been a great thing for consumers since the bikes are far more balanced and capable of charging hard down the mountain and over gnarly terrain.

Anything steeper than a 68 degree head angle feels a little sketchy when the trails get steep and gnarly. It does leave many people with a dilemma though, spend thousands on upgrading to a new bike with more modern geometry, or just make do with what they have. There are a few ways to slacken your bike out, you could get an adjustable headset, or even a longer fork, but both of these options are quite expensive.

By far the cheapest option out there, and the reason for this post, is to get yourself a pair of custom made Offset bushings from, which will slacken your bike by 1.5 degrees for the bargain price of 27.71 euros! We did it a few years ago on our  Momsen XC bike which significantly improved the handling of it, in conjunction with a longer 120mm Pike fork to lift up the bottom bracket again and slacken it even further. The super light XC bike, became an extremely capable bike for charging the downhills too.

We now did it on out Haibike FullSeven carbon, with the same result of being able to ride faster and more comfortably downhill. The bike could also benefit from a longer and sturdier front fork, but for such a chap price, the upgrade is well worth it!

Installing the Offset Bushings is a litte fidly, so your best bet is to also purchase a DU Bush tool from the same website to install and remove the bushings, if you don’t already own one.

Anyway, in conclusion, we highly recommend Offset bushings!

To read more about how they work and to get your own custom pair ordered, go visit their website here, just make sure you order the offset ones, as they also sell standard bushings:



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