New Husqvarna FC 250 Factory Race Bike

New Husqvarna FC 250 Factory Race Bike

Well, truth be told, I would have preferred a white tail and shrouds (although it does look good against a black backdrop), because I think blue is too much like Yamaha (or Husaberg, or Sherco), but I was over-ruled unfortunately. Still looks pretty sick though, and the ergonomics with the symmetrical bodywork should be brilliant. Say hello to the next Generation of Husqvarna motocross bike, the 2016 FC250! Time to start saving, this bike is going to be amazing.

As part of the continuous development within Husqvarna’s motorsport department, the new FC 250 machine showcases a totally new design. Improved in every detail, the new bike has numerous benefits. Lighter, slimmer, with reduced mass within the engine and featuring redesigned bodywork, Husqvarna will maximise their position at the sharp end of the results.

Focusing on the chassis, technicians have developed a new, cutting edge frame. Lighter and stronger than the previous model, the frame design improves torsional rigidity and decreases longitudinal stiffness. The result is better flexibility and feedback to the rider.

The engine features extensive improvements. A fresh design has improved centralised mass and performance. A new fuel injection system and new battery ensures Husqvarna’s MX2 factory bike will be even more competitive on the racetrack.

Totally redesigning the bodywork and plastics from the ground up, the smoother lines and more compact design ensure the bike is as slim as possible.

Robert Jonas – Head of Husqvarna Motorsports: “Everyone within Husqvarna’s motorsport department is truly excited by the opportunity to compete with a completely new motorcycle in this early stage of only our second season of racing. The new 250cc factory bike is lighter, more powerful, and very easy to handle. This offers us a great technical base from which we hope to go on and win championships.”


Photos by JP Acevedo.


  1. Chester Rumble 8 years ago

    I really like it but the graphic package on it looks a little half-assed. The color scheme between the radiator shrouds and number plates does not flow very well. Id love to see what this would look like with the IceOne/Redbull graphics Overall though it looks really trick!

  2. Fredrik 8 years ago

    Looks great, but I agree on the graphics, it looks like they had a hard time desiding wich way to go sp they took a little from the 80´s and a little from the late 90´s ;)
    But doesn´t the subframe and frame look alot like the KTM? Is it still a plastic subframe?

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