New DERESTRICTED Stickers coming soon – REVDESIGNS

New DERESTRICTED Stickers coming soon – REVDESIGNS

We have been meaning to print up some more stickers for a while, and now thanks to REVDESIGNS we have! As soon as they arrive we will open up the store again and have some for sale and also give some away free with each T-Shirt we sell. Yes we have some new T-Shirts coming soon as well! Aaaaand, we have an SP Systems X derestricted bar mount for your gopro or iPhone too. Hopefully we will find time to get it done in the next few weeks.

If you need some stickers printed (or designed) check them out, they seem like good people:






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  1. Curtis 7 years ago

    Rev Designs is Awesome! Matt makes the best graphics fit and finish hands down!

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