New algorithmic IG feed 👉🏼 … #Moto #bikes

New algorithmic IG feed 👉🏼 … #Moto #bikes

New algorithmic IG feed 👉🏼 ... #Moto #bikes


Photo Caption: New algorithmic IG feed 👉🏼 … #Moto #bikes



  1. Aaron Trent 7 years ago

    I stopped following the Derestricted IG after you posted this picture; I would like to express why and allow you the opportunity to defend or justify should you see fit. I disagree with an algorithm based feed, I view it as a violation of net neutrality. I find it presumptuous that a company thinks it knows how I would prefer to use its software. That said, it is absurdly presumptuous that a single user feels their content is valuable enough that I should receive a notification on my phone every time they post. Should you decide to follow me and use post notifications so you are alerted every time I make a post we might discuss the possibility of me extending you the same courtesy. We are talking about an intrusion in my day-to-day life with my phone buzzing every time you post. I enjoy your content, but not enough to think you warrant this sort of priority in my life. I also feel this sort of plea for attention is worth unfollowing and have done so with every account requesting I allow them to intrude in such a fashion.

    If you truly feel the IG algorithm is a detriment you should leave the platform. If enough users do this it would encourage IG to abandon this absurd idea.

    • derestricted 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. Totally agree with you for the most part. I was getting annoyed by all of the posts saying turn on notifications which is why I made the image, which was kind of poking fun at everybody saying the same thing! I never said turn them on, was just trying to amuse people with the image with a … speech bubble.

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