Naked CR8 Concept – Mirco Sapio

Naked CR8 Concept – Mirco Sapio

Interesting concept for the RC8 sent to us by Mirco Sapiro, the CR8! Here is some info on the bike from him. Give him a follow on facebook here at Mirco-Sapio-Design!

“I chose the KTM RC8 as basis of my concept not only for it’s performances, but also for the particular shape of the frame in a straight line connecting the steering head and the rear suspension linkage. It is from this that it all started. Watching her without fairings I realized it would be a shame to cover all the engineering art, so I decided to focus on the production of parts that had first a function on the bike.

 The central concept is that the front part consists of an element of composite material which incorporates both the function of airbox that of the light. Inside the air intake is the lighting system, exclusively LED with attached cooling system that exploits the passage of air in the duct. Then we find the two lateral sides which join the two ends of the frame that contain airbox and fuel tank (not so great). Then there is the saddle which integrates the two stop lights and covering all the upper part of the side the tank cap and below this.

 I wanted to thank Geoffrey Poupeney for the grant of his accurate three-dimensional model of the mechanical components of the KTM RC8.”



  1. Eric dillon 6 years ago

    Love it

  2. Karl Ford 5 years ago

    WOW! How has someone not built this in real life using a binned RC8?

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